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Discover the Missing Piece Causing the Most Powerful, Lasting Breakthroughs for Women

Learn and Discover:

  • How to ensure your inner freedom can't be blocked again, so glass ceilings can block your next level as you progress

  • Why up to 80% of women revert after coaching or therapy and how to make sure you & yours aren't one of them

  • How coaching and therapies can cause a bigger, global problem for women if we don't understand the female difference, of how our minds process

  • What's working in 2024 for women, including the latest breakthrough innovations in empowerment/therapy modalities

  • Why even the best modalities aren't going deep enough to break the cycle or stop most women constantly reverting and what WE can do about it that we already do naturally

  • Why shifting negative emotions and limiting beliefs are not the real problem for women (If this doesn't blow you away, you're un-blow-away-able)

  • How everyday women are the solution to the epidemic of female prone low self esteem, not professionals

  • Why 'taking consistent actions' in your business or towards your dreams is more likely to move you away from growth, and into burnout

  • Why women are not crazy or complicated, and in fact, are so simple, you'll wonder how it's been missed by all of the personal development and therapy industries throughout all of history (Now we need to educate)

  • The real reason many women can become un-coachable within 4 months, as a cycle that can be broken, but not by the actual 'coaching' itself

  • Why mindset should NOT be priority for women, and the missing piece far more important (no it's not taking action) FIRST

  • The biggest hope EVER is on our doorstep in the empowerment of girls & women and how, if we're up for it, how we can all be part of the solution and re-evolution